I AM HERO INC. - Affiliate Program

What is the I AM HERO Partner Program?

The I AM HERO Partner Program is a way for you to earn money by promoting the Iamhero.io site on your website, blog, newsletter, or through your social network community. For every visitor you refer that upgrades to a premium membership, you earn 35% commission on the transaction. You also earn 10% on your 2nd tier & 5% on your 3rd tier. So our partners can earn up to 50% commission as wall as additional bonuses.

How do I join the I AM HERO Partner Program?

You can join the I AM HERO Partner Program by clicking on the "Signup Now" menu button and submitting the form after filling out the fields. Once your application is approved, we will notify you by email. Approved partners can login to manage their account, access approved banners, text links and videos as well as access our partner training system.

Where can I read the I AM HERO Partner Program Terms and Conditions?

As part of your acceptance into the I AM HERO Partner Program you must agree to the Partner Program Agreement – Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the signup page.

What does it cost and what do I need?

It costs nothing to become an I AM HERO partner and you can end your partner relationship at any time.

Can I use the I AM HERO name and logo on my site?

You can only use approved creative available through the partner program. You are not allowed to alter our logos or approved creative in any way. You’ll find the approved creative in the I AM HERO partner portal. These assets will be updated regularly and will include new promotions and other news.

Where can I find partner links and tools to help promote the I AM HERO site?

You can find product descriptions, helpful tools and information on the I AM HERO partner program page after logging into your account.

How much can I make?

Partners earn up to 50% commission through 3 tiers on every referred premium membership upgrade that occurs on a click-through from your website, blog, newsletter, or social network community. How much you earn depends on how many visitors you refer to the Iamhero.io platform.

How do I know how much I've earned?

You can login and track your referral performance and commissions earned any time.

When and how do I get paid?

You will be paid monthly when the commissions earned in your account reach the minimum payment threshold. If you do not reach the payment threshold, your commission earned will be carried over to the next month.

Who can I ask if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our partner manager at [email protected] We’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you become a successful I AM HERO partner.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can retrieve your password with your username by visting https://af.iamhero.io/login.php?lost_password=true and follow instructions.